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SunExpress CEO Jens Bischof, the captain of the blue team, the assistant general manager Ahmet Caliskan, made the captain of the blue team the SunExpress CUP soccer tournament where the AIRPORT company SunExpress employees wore the uniform. 400 employees from Antalya, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir attended the SunExpress Cup Football Tournament. The tournament was organized by 29 teams of company employees at the Park Antalya Sports Center. Turnuvan’s opening match was played with the all-star encounter where company managers were involved. SunExpress General Manager Jens Bischof, the captain of the blue team in the all-star match, the captain of the orange team was made by Assistant General Manager Ahmet Caliskan. In the exciting all-star encounter, the two team players also struggled.

In the league-style tournament, the winners of each city’s teams will rise to the finals. SunExpress officials watched live broadcasts of four SunExpress employees at the tournament. After the tournament the provincial winners will meet in the final competitions to be held in March. The winner of the finals will win the SunExpress CUP Cup.

As Capella Creative Agency, who undertakes organizational affairs in specific parts of Turnawa, we wish SunExpress and its employees to be successful.

Source: www.hurriyet.com.tr


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